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responsive website redesign for therapy

Adaptable Human Solutions

A website design for therapists. 

Health & Wellness

Seoul, South Korea


The Brief

This international therapy agency who was looking to design with a ‘client first’ experience. Their goals were to make the inquiry process more convenient and personable, which included making the website mobile accessible and multilingual. They also wanted an identity refresh that was familiar but represented their personable connection and services to their clientele.

Creating a user centric inquiry process

Part of AHS’s personable on-boarding process was to match a new client with a therapist that would fit them best. To save the Inquiry Team, and the user, time a helpful questionnaire was integrated that provided the AHS team with useful on-boarding information, and the user therapist matches. It also provided next steps for their unique situation.

Should the user’s answers require a call for further information, or simply be a preference, providing a way for the user to schedule a call was an accessible convenience that wasn’t available previously. It was also useful in aiding users who we’re not in the same time-zone, which was a challenge for their international service status.

visual representation of a users inquiry journey

Visual identity

The goals for the website’s aesthetics, was to create a thoughtful and inspiring mood that incorporated their familiar calming blue, without feeling cold.

By introducing conceptual imagery that sparked inspiration and bright colors that complimented the AHS blue, we were able to create a more welcoming and warm feeling to the brand.

Stylescape — Previous

Stylescape for a professional, health & wellness business

Stylescape — New

Inspiring, bright and friendly therapy stylescape for a health and wellness business
A website design for therapists
mental health and wellness website design
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